O nás

Hany Bany was set up by three childhood friends on 5 December 2003.

The name was inspired by the film world – Hany Bany is the Czech version of Honey Bunny, a character from the cult film Pulp Fiction.

In the daytime Hany Bany is a cosy and quiet café/ bar, perfect for café crawlers who just want to sip at their coffee, read a book or just relax without being disturbed. After dark it turns into a lively Irish pub with loud music and a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Our top priority is to make our customers happy at all times. Our waiters and waitresses are fast, helpful and always smiling. Although Hany Bany is located in the very centre of the world’s most beautiful city, our prices are more than reasonable.

Most of our customers are students of the neighbouring schools and universities.

Are you missing your classmates? You will surely find them in Hany Bany!

Book by phone

222 327 602

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 11.00–24.00

Saturday – Sunday 14.00–24.00

(usually open longer)

Last meal order 23:15